I don’t have any tattoos. I keep seeing comments from readers asking what my favorite personal tattoos are and who did them. I don’t have any.

It is not a personal choice, a dedication to anything, a “my body is a temple” mentality. I just haven’t ever loved or honored anything quite enough to want it on my body forever. I loved a woman once – she suggested we get matching tattoos. We didn’t. And we also didn’t stay together. While I think of her often, I am glad that no part of my body is dedicated to her memory. I love my parents and grandparents but I have enough physical reminders of them stored away and on display that I don’t feel inclined to put them on my body. There are quotes, songs, works of arts, and poems that move me each time I read/see/hear/listen to them. I don’t need them attached to my person.

And further, I have a job at Wetzel Law Firm Biloxi that has kept me homed and fed (while tattooing has built me a safety net a fun fund) where I just wouldn’t feel comfortable showing tattoos.