Welcome to the internet home of Tony Chin - the legendary
           Jamaican-born roots reggae guitarist, original member of the
              spectacular Soul Syndicate band, member of some of the
                 greatest Jamaican studio bands of all time, and currently
                   playing with long-time friend and legend 'Fully' in the
                     Fully Fullwood Band.

Here's where you get to do your own "question and answer" session with Tony Chin. Be sure to check back regularly for new postings and even some audio responses.

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Mark in Los Angeles asks:

"Tony, you've been living in California for quite a while. Are you still a proud Jamaican?"

"Yeah mon, I will always be proud to be a Jamaican. That is my roots mon. I am proud of my culture and our rich history and heritage especially our music which is known around the world. I have traveled all around the world and nowhere compares to Jamaica for me."


Andrew in Vancouver, Canada asks:

"You have been playing that guitar of yours for years... I see it in photos going back a long time. What's with that guitar - I've never seen anyone else play one of those. What is it? What's the story behind it?"

"The guitar was custom made by a guy in the Bay Area by the name of Kline. I was introduced to his work by Bruce Caplan who was the manager for Big Mountain and I loved its unique look and sound and because it is small it is easy to travel with."


Jackie in Dublin, Ireland asks:

"You've performed all over the world... what's the place or country that you HAVEN'T played at, that you would really like to?"

"Greetings Jackie. I have been blessed and honored to visit so many beautiful countries to spread the message of Jah thru our music. It is amazing to visit places where English is not their primary language, but they still relate to the reggae vibes and sing along with the songs. I have been to many parts of Africa, but would love to visit and play in Ethiopia and South Africa. Also, India, China, Greece, Morocco, New Zealand and Tahiti and Bora Bora."


Sharon in Miami, Florida asks:

"Reggae could really use a superstar right now. Someone who can capture the imagination of people. Do you see anyone out there who could be that person?"

"Unfortunately, no.  I dont like the direction the music is currently taking."


Tom in Toronto, Canada asks:

"What music do you listen to just for pleasure? Is there a particular artist or album that you play more than most?"

"Big up Tom. I love and listen to all kinds of music, but my favorite of course is rocksteady and roots reggae. Bob Marley is my biggest inspiration in reggae. Rocksteady is where I learned to play music from and it brings back so many good memories from growing up which is why I did Jamaican Classics Chapter 1."


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Tony with Dennis Brown

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Tony and Earl Zero

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Tony with Erroll Dunkley

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Tony and JC Lodge

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Tony with Pato Banton

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Tony and Robbie Shakespeare

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Tony with Tenor Saw

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Tony with Uroy

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Tony, Santa and Big Mountain

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Tony with Fully and Odel


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